providing organizations with the insight need in kenya

At Alpha Executive we’ve earned a reputation for providing organizations with the insights they need to dominate in today’s hyper-competitive business operational climate.

Alpha Executive is a training and development company in Kenya dealing with corporate facilitation services in kenya, CSR valuation and development, business process outsource, sales coaching and corporate decision delivery

We are a leader in the integration of proven science and business development. Based in Kenya, we study the scientific disciplines of social psychology, communication theory, cognitive psychology, social neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience and behavioral economics. We then take the repeatable and predictable principles, which science has proven to create and enable influence, out of the laboratory and Business process outsourcing in kenya academic journals and apply them to businesses.

What’s more, we have conducted original scientific research that identified the mental process that the human brain goes through when making a business engagement. We then deconstructed this internal decision making process into clear, manageable steps that equip organizations to literally engage the way that their clients’ brains are hardwired to buy and engage.

When companies base their operational activities and behaviors upon proven science, the results are always astounding: sales cycles shorten, market share grows, and CSR impact skyrockets.

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